Coeur attends China's CMEF medical show.

Posted: 03-26-2010

The Coeur sales team attends various shows throughout the year to not only display our products, but seeking leads that can turn into affordable quality solutions for our new and existing customers worldwide. On October 12-14 Coeur’s China team proudly displayed the Coeur product line at Shenyang, China’s CMEF medical show. The CMEF show can attract as many at 500,000 people. Coeur exposes China’s top 1200 Tier One hospitals to its portfolio of disposable products spotlighting the American Quality. Its this type of exposure that results in the recognition of the Coeur name in China. We owe the success of the show to the China team; David Ruben, Jeason Lin, and Mako “The Shark” Guo. Coeur’s booth was often swarming with interested potential customers who generated over 100 leads for Coeur China. Its this type of momentum that will trigger significant sales growth in our China and Asian markets over the next several years.

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